holding-hands-300x216Need Shelter?

Family Promise is an interfaith network shelter for homeless families. This means that families are provided their evening meal and the lodging at congregations across the Valley. Never more than five families at a time will stay with the hosting congregation for 7 nights in a row, coming back to the day center daily for resources, job searching, housing applications and case management. Maximum stay is 60 days, with a 70% success rate of securing sustainable housing for families who enter the program.

3 Steps to Shelter with Family Promise


 i. Meet minimum Criteria:

  1.  At least 1 parent and 1 child
  2.  Drug and alcohol free,
  3.  Ability and desire to secure employment
  4.  No active domestic violence
  5.  No violent felonies

ii. Call to check space availability:  480-659-5227

  1. If full, call housing hub for waiting list (211)

iii.  Schedule intake appointment, subject to:

  1. Criminal background check will be done in all 50 states
  2. On-site drug test will be done prior to acceptance
  3. On-site interview for final decision
  4. Invitation to move in to the shelter
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