Families “graduate” if they secure employment and housing by their exit date. Family Promise’s Graduate Program keeps families engaged with staff and peer support 24 months post-graduation.

For this reason, we also lovingly call this program “Connections.” We make sure parents and children know they are still part of the Family Promise family and can turn to us for help, even after they moved out.

Graduate families often have just enough in savings to make ends meet. We want their next chapter to be a success. Family Promise supports move-in costs for qualifying graduate families so parents can pad their savings and keep advancing toward self-sufficiency.

We don’t want to see a slide back into homelessness. Continued cash flow training and resources such as food boxes, diapers, birthday/holiday gifts, and referrals are key to preventing larger emergencies.

Tasharay’s story

Tasharay’s story began over a year ago when she recently moved here from Florida. During her time at Family Promise, she found a job she enjoys and secured sustainable housing, all while maintaining her children’s school routine at Hohokam Elementary in Scottsdale. When they lost their home in Scottsdale, Tasharay was determined to keep her kids in their school to minimize the disruption. She will be the first one to tell you it wasn’t easy, but “without struggle, there is no progress.” And what progress she and her family have made during her year in the graduate program! Tasharay works at Monogram Healthcare as a technician and loves what she does. Currently, their family is moving into a more comfortable apartment in a safer neighborhood. She has joined a supportive community among Tessiyah’s basketball team families. Her daughter was chosen for a Top 10 basketball team, (her partner, Antoine is the coach of that team). She is also a member of the school band, playing the viola. While we spoke, you could see the joy and pride she has not only for her daughter’s accomplishments, but also how well her family is doing! In Tasharay’s own words, “Family Promise has been a blessing for us. It is the best program that we have heard of!” They continue to be thankful for the support of Family Promise and we are excited to hear about Tessiyah’s future basketball adventures!

Graduate Facts
of families graduate with employment and housing
months of follow up support


minimum move-in support offered to qualifying families


The year the Graduate Program launched