Need Family Shelter?

Family Promise is a program for families with children in a homeless situation.  If you have children under the age of 18, are able to work, and agree to comply with our zero-tolerance for drugs, alcohol and violence, you may apply for acceptance in our Emergency Shelter program.  To apply, you will be required to interview and submit to a drug test and background check.  

Our program provides more than shelter and food.  It is focused on helping you get back on your feet and employed so you can once again care for your family.  Therefore should you be accepted into our program you will be required to enroll your children in daycare and school, prepare a resume, seek employment, and prepare a plan for your future.

Once you have graduated from our Emergency Shelter program, are working and earning sufficient income, you may be eligible to participate in our Transitional Housing program.  Once you are in this program which provides affordable housing, you will be required to save towards the security deposit on an apartment of your own.

Our program rules are designed to help you prepare for your future as an independent family.  Our goal at Family Promise is to help you become a self-sustaining family that will contribute back to your community.

To inquire about our program call 480  659-5227.

To screen for our program call 480 890-3039.

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