Night Without A Bed

Join us on June 20th

for a LIVE virtual event

6-8 pm PST

Click here to RSVP

When you make the decision to support Family Promise of Greater Phoenix through Night Without A Bed you are helping to ensure that no child will need to worry where they will sleep tonight.

No child ever dreams that they might face homelessness … that they will need to sleep in a car … on a sofa … in a park …  or on the street.  Unfortunately, for children in America this has become the norm … not the exception.  So let’s come togetherlet’s do the right thing … let’s ensure that when our children lay their heads down for the night that they are in a warm bed … with a roof over their heads … and their dreams are full of promise and hope!

#Night Without A Bed Challenge     #Join The Pillow Fight

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