Planned Giving

Family Promise Greater Phoenix (FPGP) is an interfaith network shelter, where mostly first-time homeless families are stabilized, empowered, returned to work and sustainably housed within 60 days of entry.  It stabilizes through shelter provided by congregations who provide food and lodging at no cost. It empowers through rapid re-employment, parental skills training, and in-depth financial education.  It returns families to sustainable housing through savings and community partnerships.


Families heal at the congregations, through the power of love and community.  Families are given immediate residency, begin financial management training in week one, and are employed within 30 days of entry.  Savings is a hallmark of the FPGP program, a key to changing childhood poverty from welfare to work.  A two-year graduate program stays connected to every family possible to avoid their returning to homelessness or dependency on social service programs.


FPGP began in 1998, as an affiliate of a national Interfaith Network Shelter Model.  Funding was secured through a local Rotary to begin recruiting congregations who would welcome families to host nightly for seven days in a row, four times per year.  In that first year, 16 families were served.  Fast forward to 2009, the Board secured a permanent site in south Scottsdale, where they served 49 families, in a combination of congregational shelter (13 congregations) and on-site rental housing.  Observing the growing need for family shelter, and having paid off all debt in 2011, the Board agreed to expand capacity from 30 families to 100 families per year.  It would take three years, 30 congregations, and nearly tripling income to ultimately achieve that goal.  In 2012, PetSmart joined with FPGP to introduce the first, and still only, family emergency shelter that welcomes pets with their family.  In 2013, FPGP launched its graduate program designed to stay connected with graduate families to prevent their return to homelessness.  This innovative new program, funded by The Steele Foundation, uses a mobile phone and virtual meeting technology to stay connected with these families.  Over the past 5 years, the graduate program has achieved 50% graduate participation, of which 89% remained housed at 24 months from graduation.  Today, FPGP remains debt free, serving over 100 families per year.  With over 200 families on a waiting list for shelter, the Board and staff developed a plan to establish two new day centers in key low-income areas of the east and west Valley, including the necessity to recruit another 30 congregations to host this expanded capacity.  As of November 1st, the congregational network is up to 40 congregations, with 30 more in various stages of hosting consideration. For 17 years in the Phoenix area, congregations have partnered with FPGP in rescuing over 1,100 families who have become situationally homeless.   




Through your generous gift, Family Promise Greater Phoenix will continue to rescue homeless families through congregational partnerships, returning them to sustainable housing, and thereby paving the way to long-term self-sufficiency and breaking the cycle of poverty and social services dependency.




Leaving a Bequest or Planned Gift to FPGP ensures that this ministry, will continue to:

  • utilize community partnerships, specifically congregational shelter, to cost-effectively rescue families from homelessness
  • urgently work with families to avoid their greatest fear… being labeled ‘unfit parents’ thereby risking governmental removal of these children from their family
  • prioritize family as the most powerful tool for shaping childhood values, mental and physical health
  • empower work as the pathway to financial independence, including savings and the avoidance of dependency on social programs
  • work closely with schools to keep these children from dropping below grade level in educational achievement due to their homelessness
  • stay connected with these families as their community capable of helping them navigate challenges that might otherwise return them to homelessness


For information about leaving a bequest or planned gift to Family Promise of Greater Phoenix, please contact Ted Taylor at (480)659-5279 or via Email:



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