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Family Promise for Pets | Family Promise of Greater Phoenix

Family Promise for Pets

A New Program For Families With Pets!

Petsmart has made it possible for homeless families to receive shelter without having to part from the family pet.  Family Promise was the first homeless shelter in Arizona to provide an on-site pet sanctuary, allowing children growing through the crisis of homelessness to keep their furry friend, an important point of stabiilty for kids whose life is in turmoil.  

PetSmart Promise, the pet sanctuary for pets of the homeless families in our program  officially opened its doors on October 1, 2012, thanks to PetSmart Inc. Without PetSmart it would not have been possible. PetSmart donated over $30,000 dollars to make this program possible.  Family Promise created a pet sanctuary complete with kitty condos a dog area and dog run.  This program can hold eight cats and eight dogs at one time.  The program also has areas available for reptiles.  The program is for families who are coming into the Family Promise program and have a pet as part of their family.

Below are some FAQ’s:

1. Can I place my pet here when I go to receive shelter elsewhere? Unfortunately no. We must have the family in the program with the pet.

2. What if my animal is not fixed, can I bring she/he in? Yes, we have a partnership 

Amber Chiweenie

with the Arizona Humane Society and they help with no cost spay/neutering and vaccinations. The animal will have to be fixed before being in the same room as other animals.

3. Do you provide food for my animal? Yes, we have different kinds of cat and dog food as well as treats for the animals. We will work with special dietary needs.

4. Do I have to take care of my animal while in the shelter or does staff take care of my animal? During the daytime the family takes care of their animal. At night, when the families are at a hosting congregation we have a staff member that will take the animal(s) out and care for them.


Pet & Family Area



Cat Condo Area


Dog Run